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The earliest example of woodblock printing on paper appeared in China in the mid seventh century. These pictures in my ‘Abstract World’ series are simply an extension of that invention but using modern techniques. The photographs in this collection are my own interpretation of architecture, people and culture. 

Min Yu Gallery-SharpenAI-Focus Light.tif

‘Abstract World’ is a personal project that seeks to create beautiful and inspiring images but also to search for a deeper meaning to existence and mans integral part in nature. The pictures try to look outside of the world and see things in a different way, This is my personal journey of discovery into both art and life.

Anthony Fildes Portrait Group 2.jpg

Early in my life I became fascinated by a Chinese carved screen that my grandparents owned. The screen had ancient themes carved into its four upright panels. It began my interest in art and philosophyThe screen has followed me throughout my life, both in good times and in bad, it has always given me great pleasure, both in its craftsmanship and it’s stories of ancient and immortal worlds. 

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